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Why should I use injection molding to manufacture?

Injection blow molding is the process of injecting plastic resins into a mold to form a wide variety of products.  Plastic injection molding can create surprisingly cost-effective solutions. The efficiency of injection blow molds makes the manufacturing costs lower than other types of manufacturing.   Injection molding also allows for less waste, reducing production costs as well.

Injection Blow Molding is one of the most popular forms of processing plastics as it enables companies the ability to manufacture fairly complex shapes at high production rates and hold fairly tight tolerances. With the amount of engineered plastic resins available today, many cost saving opportunities exist utilizing plastic in place of metal when manufacturing large volumes.

Plastic injection molding is the best way to get not only the product you want but also at the quality product you are looking for during the manufacturing process. Whatever products you might need, if there is plastic involved there is a good chance that Blow Mold Tooling can create the injection blow mold that you require for your manufacturing process.