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What to look for when you are selecting your Injection Blow Mold Supplier?

When selecting your blow mold manufacturer you should focus on three main areas.  Quality, testing assurance, and testimonials are three main areas you should be focusing on.  While many will talk about price, it should be a minor consideration but we will talk more about that as well.

Starting with quality, we all understand the importance of a “quality product”, but what does that mean?  Quality when looking for your blow mold requires that the mold meets your specifications.  Ensuring that the molds will produce a quality and stable product is key. Imagine a bottle mold that does not meet your exact specifications – leakage, compression, instability on shelf are all issues you can face with the end consumer.  This would significantly damage your brand, so ensuring that the specifications are exact and the quality of your injection blow mold is very important to protecting your brand.

An injection molding company must be able to adequately prove to you that their testing is exceptional and will ensure that the installation and implementation of their injection mold will be smooth and seamless to your manufacturing process.  In-house testing is key, ensuring that the injection mold will be adequately tested, proving it is ready for your manufacturing process.  You are making an investment in a new injection blow molding machine and you should expect it to work optimally. Look for someone who offers pre-installation testing, ensuring that your injection blow mold equipment is going to run effectively and efficiently.

Lastly, testimonials and credibility are a great opportunity for you to validate the quality of the work of the injection molding company.  Looking on-line to see what educational information they are sharing, testimonials from past and current clients, and seeing examples of their work are key ways for you evaluate the quality of the injection blow mold company.  While this may seem as an easy step, it is very important to validate your decision.

The one area that everyone will evaluate is pricing.  Too often people focus on the lowest supplier, rather than focusing on the quality they offer.  It fits in the old adage, “you get what you pay for”, but you have to evaluate all the above criteria, provide a weighting, then as a last step you may look at pricing.  If someone is 10% higher in cost, but has superior testimonials, quality, and testing methodology it would be in your company’s best interest to make the additional investment.

This is an investment in the quality of your product, so it should not be taken lightly.  This is not a simple decision, so using the above criteria is a great start to evaluating your supplier.  When finalizing the decision you can look at if they are attentive to your needs, do they listen well, want to understand your needs, or even if this is a company you can trust and work with in the future.  Make an educated decision, don’t just base it on price – you may make a decision that damages your brand just to save money.  Brand damage is far more costly.