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Stretch Blow Molds

There are two processes for stretch blow molded containers. In one process, the machinery involved injection molds a preform (single stage), which is then transferred within the machine to another station where it is blown and then ejected from the machine. This type of machinery is generally called injection stretch blow (ISBM) and is most commonly used for large production runs. This process is used for high volume runs of items such as wide mouth jars (i.e. peanut butter), narrow mouth containers such as single serve beverage and liquor containers.


The reheat & blow molding process (two stage) is the stretch blow process in which a preform is injected molded usually by a separate vendor. These stock performs are then processed in a relatively simple machine which reheats it so that it can be blown into the container shape.


Whether using the injection stretch blow molding process or the reheat and blow process, the important part is the mechanical stretching of the preform during the molding process.
The preform is stretch with a ‘stretch rod’. This stretching helps to increase the impact resistance of the container and helps produce a functioning thin walled container.


Resins – The usual resin of choice for SBM is PETE although, a number of resins have been used in the stretch blow process, including polypropylene. As technology of resin production is improved and the molecular structures are altered to suit this process, more resins will be available for SBM processing.



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