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Extrusion Bottle Molds

Extrusion blow molding is perhaps the simplest type of blow molding.  A hot tube of plastic material (parison) is dropped from an extruder and captured in a water cooled mold. Once the molds are closed, air is injected through the top or neck of the container. When the hot plastic material is blown up and touches the walls of the mold, the material freezes and the container now maintains its rigid shape.


Extrusion blow molding allows for a wide variety of container shapes, sizes and neck openings as well as the production of handleware.  Extrusion blown containers can also have their gram weights adjusted through a relatively high range.


Resins -  As with IBM processing, a similar variety of resins are used in the EBM molding process.  HDPE, MDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, Barex ® ,PETE, K Resin & PETG.


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