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Blow Molding Manufacturing

Blow Molds for your manufacturing process

Blow Mold Tooling Inc. offers a full range of high-quality blow molding solutions for customers all over the world. Your machine will be engineered by highly skilled and experienced engineers, focused on providing you the optimal machinery to help improve your production process.


Extrusion Bottle Molds

We design and manufacture a very high quality extrusion blow molds for the bottle industry. Our standard mold is manufactured using aircraft aluminum for the body part of the bottle and beryllium copper for all necks and base areas. Tail pullers or detabbers are always standard equipment.


Injection Blow Molds

Blow Mold Tooling has the capability of a full turnkey system. This entails design, manufacture of the mold and test, not only the unit, but also the finished production mold. Blow Mold Tooling manufactured molds from 2ml.bottles to 4-liter jars in all kinds of shapes. Blow Mold can train your staff and will help you with start-up on new projects.


Stretch Blow Molds

Blow Mold Tooling has years of experience designing not only the containers but also the designs and manufactures the preforms required to blow Polyehtylene Terephthalate, Polypropylene and Polycarbonate bottles. We can manufacture single stage type of stretch blow molds complete for Nissei, Aoki and Magic types of machine. Blow Mold Tooling also designs and manufactures the tooling for two stage types of machines.


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