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Injection Blow Molds(IBM)

Injection Blow Molding is part injection molding and part blow molding. With injection blow molding, the hot plastic material is first injected into a cavity (parison cavity) where it encircles the blow stem, which is used to create the neck and establish the gram weight. The injected material is then carried to the next station on the machine (dependant upon machine, this may be the conditioning station or the blow station), at the blow station air is blown up into the finished container and cooled.


Injection blow molding is generally suitable for small and medium sized, especially containers requiring stringent I.D. dimensions, tight tolerances, controlled wall thickness thread configurations for examples. Most pharmaceutical containers are produced using the injection blow process. Plastic jars, mascara containers, roll-on deodorant, baby bottles, project requiring fast productions rates as well as complex designs are all suited to the IBM process.

Common Resins Used in IBM Processing:


Polyethylene HDPE/ LDPE
Polypropylene PP
Nylon PA
Polyvinylchloride PVC
Polycarbonate PC
Polyetheylene Terephthalate G CoPolymer PETG
Barex Barex
Polystyrene PS
Polyetheylene Terephthalate PETE





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