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Q:    What cavitation can I get with my machine?


A. At Blow Mold Tooling we have a vast library of machine specifications, our dedicated engineering staff will determine the optimal cavitations required for your project.


Q:  How can we optimize our cycle time?


A. Blow Mold Tooling has the engineering and technical expertise to analyze the mold and preform  to determine best possible processing scenario.


Q:   If I only have a container can I get a mold made?


A .Blow Mold Tooling can take you through the design right through to the finished container.


Q:   Can you test our molds?


A.  Yes, at Blow Mold Tooling we often test our customers’ molds and supply a   report on modifications or re-work required to bring mold back to top processing form.


Q:  What if we have processing problem in our plant?


A. We have skilled process technicians that will travel to your facility and work with your technicians to determine best possible processing.


Q. Can you unit test?


A. Yes, at Blow Mold Tooling we test unit cavities for new projects and or complicated designs.  We test Single Stage Stretch Blow unit cavities as well as Injection Blow Mold cavities in our machines.


Q.  Can you repair or modify molds not manufactured in your plant?


A.  Yes, our engineering department would reverse engineer your mold components and supply a quotation for replacement parts.



Q:  How many bottles is a mold able to produce?  How long will it last?


A:   A good quality well built mold is able to produce millions of containers.  The actual life span depends on how the mold is handled at the conversion site.  Molds need to be kept clean, set up properly, quality of water used for cooling is also important to the life span of the mold.   A well maintained mold is capable of lasting for many, many years. Blow Mold Tooling supplies a recommended maintenance program for all new molds.