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Blow Molding Manufacturing
About Us

Manufacturing Blow Molds for over 40 years

Since 1968 Blow Mold Tooling has excelled in crafting extrusion molds. In 1977 we began servicing the industry with our injection blow molds as well. Now, in meeting the challenges of our packaging concepts and changing processes we are able to offer stretch blow mold components.


Craftsmanship is the cornerstone of our success

Dedicated to craftsmanship, Blow Mold Tooling Inc. represents the best in precision and quality. Our designers are able to use the most modern advances in CAD/CAM systems to produce innovative bottle packaging and high-tech mold designs.


High-quality is expected

With the correlation of our drafting capabilities and our computer assisted machining centers, we are able to promote a high-standard of quality in our molds.


Precision makes your equipment operate optimally

Our skilled craftsmen take pride in the close tolerances and highly finished surfaces that have built our reputation for excellence in mold manufacturing. This translates to ensuring your equipment runs optimally with improved start-ups, longer uninterrupted production runs, and increased yields.


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